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You deserve it! Health is the real wealth.
USDA Certified Organic
organic means non-gmo, free from any synthetic fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and chemicals. The way it should always be.
100% Plant-based
no soy, no gluten. no dairy. We support the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet.
Redefining Clean
we use state-of-the-art protein seperation techniques. Nutrient preserving, cold crafted, made with NO chemicals involved. Packaged with recycled material.
No Bull****
absolutely no artificial or synthetic ingredients, fillers, so-called "natural flavors", or additives of any kind! Only mother nature in our products.

Perfect Protein

Muscle + Energy:

17 grams of complete protein derived from 4 of the world’s most efficient plant protein sources. Easily digested and highly absorbed. This blend delivers an unparallelled amino acid profile with all 20 amino acids for muscle building and energy sustaining needs.

Ever wonder.... Ever wonder how gorillas are so strong but don’t eat meat? how gorillas are so strong but don’t eat meat?
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