Positive Vibes, Only

Why We Started
We were tired of the lack of quality plant protein products out there. All of them either did not pack the nutritional punch we were looking for or they simply tasted terrible. Before LivWell was established we made our own shakes daily. We wanted to share the wealth with everyone else. In 2014, LivWell was born, aimed at informing and providing the world with all the benefical superfoods that bring nourishment to the body and mind.
Our Mission
The mission of LivWell is to make the world a better place to live for us and for our children. We believe the foundation begins with our health. In this world of heavy corporate influence, we strive to change the attitude of the big medicine wheel that moves ever so slowly by turning people on to the wealth of their own health, and the power that health can bring. We are here to educate those who don’t know and to provide for those who do. Health is the real wealth. It’s all we have, so let’s make it flourish.
Responsibility and Packaging
We take great pride in the responsibility we place upon ourselves for delivering the highest quality products possible. We only put organic ingredients in our products. Why organic? Organic means free from syntheic fertilzers, hormones, antibiotics, and chemical pesitcides. That’s the way nature intended it to be but industrialization has taken us off that path. We believe realization will get us back. We are as environmentally conscious as we can be. Instead of plastic packaging we chose to use 100% recycled kraft paper bags which are also 100% reusable. We envison a more sustainable green planet and we must all do our part to materialize that dream.
Meet the team
Joshua Gimble | Founder & CEO
A health enthusiast since his early days. Joshua has a passion for discovering modern superfoods from around the globe and implementing them into his daily life. This interest is what inspires the creation of all LivWell products. When Joshua is not at LivWell's main office - he is most likely traveling, meeting new people and new nutritious foods to be incorportated in LivWell's never ending product research and development.
Marissa Gimble | Product Manager
A zealous animal lover - Marissa adopted the vegan lifestyle at a young age. Over time she became fascinated by benefits that one can experience through proper nutrition and fitness. As she explored all the wonders that living a healthy lifestyle can bring, she realized that she wanted to help others discover how to live a healthier, happier life. LivWell is how Marissa chose to utilize her new-found passion to spread awareness and advocate a cruelty-free lifestyle.
Jake Casassa | Logistics/Sales
An avid outdoors-man with a new focus on health and wellness, Jake has found a good home at LivWell. You know that guy who can talk about (literally) anything for extended amounts of time? Well he is that person to a tee. When he’s not at the office you can probably find him skateboarding at the park or deep in the woods riding his bike.