The throne of Vegan Protein

Light and refreshing. Smooth but powerful
Raw Cacao Blend
Light and refreshing. Smooth but powerful

100% plant-based protein blend made with only the best organic ingredients. 17 grams of highly digestible, bioavailable protein in every serve. 4 sources of protein combine to make an unparalleled amino acid profile for your muscle building and energy sustaining needs. Not to mention, taste is marvelous.

  • High protein bioavailability
  • Powerful amino acid profile
  • Only a tad sweet (easy on the stevia)
  • Actual smooth texture, not gritty/chalky
  • Proprietary cold-crafted proteins
  • Real organic vanilla beans (grade A, chyea)
  • Ecuadorian raw cacao (cream of the crop)
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15 servings(345g)

Reap In the Benefits

Use as a foundation for all your smoothie creations.

Build Lean Muscle

17 grams of highly digestible plant protein packed with a complete spectrum of amino acids means lean muscle gains when coupled with proper excercise.

Brain Booster

Sacha inchi contains mood boosting tryptophan and glutamine plus essential fatty acid omega 3s giving your brain fuel for fire.


Carbs aren’t the only place the body gets energy. Amino acids are key for high energy levels. The Phenylalanine and Tyrosine found naturally in our blend fights fatigue and improves metabolism.

Recovery & Repair

Fast absorbing yellow peas and sacha inchi paired with slower digesting rice and hemp means sustained protein intake allowing for quicker bodily repare and recovery.

What's inside the bag

Meet the protein team


Not all rice protein is created equal. Our organic rice protein is 95% protein by weight and crafted cleanly in the USA without using chemicals. No heavy metals here. China-processed stuff the competition is using doesn’t stack up.


Organically grown in North America, our yellow pea protein is a powerhouse of amino acids to promote muscle growth/recovery, healthy circulation and collagen formation.


Native to the Amazon rainforest, this star-shaped pod is a jam packed with nutrients. 60% protein by weight and dense levels of brain boosting omega-3’s. Best of all, it’s easily digested/absorbed.


Hemp seeds are a nutritional wonderland. Containing 50% protein, natural fiber and high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential omega-6 fatty acid promoting cardiovascular health and balances hormones.
Taste Bud Pleasers


Not enough room to give our Raw Cacao the praise it deserves. Minimally processed, maintaining all the health benefits that come with (brain, heart, kidneys, digestion, list goes on). The reigning anti-oxidant king of the world and it tastes aaaaa-mazing.


Powerful Nutrition

for those who like their macros


organic sprouted brown rice protein, organic yellow pea protein, organic sacha inchi protein, organic hemp protein, organic vanilla bean, organic cinnamon, organic coconut sugar, pink sea salt, xanthan gum (for mixing), organic stevia leaf

Nutritional Facts

  • 17gcomplete protein
  • <1gsugar
  • 0%sodium
  • Good sourcecalcium, iron and fiber

Amino Acid Profile

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Critical for energy and building lean muscle. The 4 sources of protein combine to deliver balance and potency.
16gtotal amino acids
Only the best

Redefining “clean” protein

we use state-of-the-art protein seperation techniques. Nutrient preserving, cold crafted, made with NO chemicals involved.

NOT gritty/chalky

no one likes a mouth full of chalk. Higher grade protein concentrations than the competition translates to a more desirable texture.

Taste like no other

no so-called “natural flavors” here. Grade A organic vanilla bean pod and Ecuadorian raw cacao. De-lish.

No Heavy Metals

laboratory tested every batch. Meets California’s strict prop. 65 with flying colors.

How To Use

versatility is the name of the game

Stand Alone

Mix up 1 scoop with 8oz water or your favorite beverage (we prefer unsweetened coconut milk) in a jar or shaker. Boom!

Blend It Up

Make deliciously nourishing smoothies by blending our proteins with fruit, veggies and other nutritious delights.

Get Creative

Get in touch with your creative side. Try one of the many delightful protein packed recipes we have on our blog or IG page.

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